Navy wedding, Ainhoa + Santi’s wedding (part I)

I really wanted to show you this post, Ainhoa + Santi’s #bereziwedding, celebrated last summer and designed with all my love. For me, all brides and grooms are very #berezi (special), but in this case, Ainhoa is also one of my best friends, I know her since childhood because we went together to school and college. So I remember very well how she met Santi and from the beginning they knew they were his “half orange”, they had been found each other and, when I knew about their wedding, I could not be happier. The day they told me they wanted to count on me for their wedding decoration and that they fully trusted me, I felt a lot of emotion and a big responsibility, I was going to be their wedding planner, I was crazyly happy!

So I started to work to design a wedding that would define them, that would fit their personality and passions. One of them is the sea and Txuli I, their boat, so the navy feeling could not miss the big day.

Photography: Rhodelinda Julián

As it is quite a long post, for not doing it so heavy, I will split it by spaces. Today I will tell you the details of the ceremony and part of the decoration I made in some areas of the banquet.

The Ceremony

The ceremony was in Olaso Palace, a Gothic work of the early twentieth century, located in Trapagaran. There I placed a table at the exit with petals, rice and confetti for the guests to throw to the couple. Although the whole wedding had that navy touch, in this case, I wanted it to be funnier and so I decided to use the same colors as the bridal bouquet, which were green and pink. Besides, as the ceremony was in a different place to the banquet space, the harmony in décor would not be broken. I put the rice in green paper boats as a wink to the childhood of many, and the petals in bamboo cones, arranged in wooden boxes.

Photography: Rhodelinda Julián

Ainhoa’s bouquet was very delicated and as Josune from Novelle explains, it has preserved hydrangea, philica cotton flower, spike, heather, and preserved oxodia glixia. In addition, they made a beautiful headdress using the same flowers.

Photography: Juan Cruz Hoces
Photography: Rhodelinda Julián

By the way, Santi came to the ceremony in an elegant carriage with two impressive black horses, with one of his best friends; an emotional detail that surprised everyone.

Photography: Rhodelinda Julián

The Banquet

The banquet was at Asador Horma-Ondo, a traditional caserío (traditional Basque farm house) with spectacular location and views, where you can taste Basque cuisine with products of the market. In the outdoor area, taking advantage the welcome cocktail was held there, I put a welcome corner, the seating plan, the photocall and an area for signatures and memories. The tendency now is that these appetizers last between 1 and 2 hours; therefore, creating spaces for decoration, the guests interact and have more fun.

The welcome corner was so successful that even couples made photos upon arrival as if it was a photocall. It was also a way to tell the guests to enter into this journey and enjoy the wedding.

Photography: Sólo un instante

The seating plan is one of the corners I like the most decorating, because it is a space that guests yes or yes should pay attention to find their place at the banquet. Here I used a pallet, wooden needles and other nautical elements such us a lighthouse, starfish, a box for storing hooks and even a cane that a good friend lent me.

Photography: Sólo un instante

For the guest book, I used stones in which guests had to leave their name and a little dedication. The bride and the groom really liked my proposal because keeping the stones in a glass vessel, it could be placed in the living room as a decorative element and every time they saw it, they could not help smiling remembering their wedding. I also put two current photos of Ainhoa and Santi and photos of their parents’ wedding day; which certainly was a surprise and touched them.

Photography: Sólo un instante

And for today, this first part ends; be alert because I will keep telling details of decoration in the banquet in the next post.

If you feel like wanting to know more, you can see all pictures of this #bereziwedding at the Portfolio and on my Instagram using the hashtag #BMAinhoaySanti.

Ah! and if you need help for your wedding planning and decoration, I will be happy to listen to you.

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