Navy wedding, Ainhoa + Santi’s wedding (part II)

A week ago I showed you part of the decoration of Ainhoa and Santi’s navy wedding, and today I am back to show you the rest of details at the banquet. As I told you, Ainhoa and Santi are very special friends and being their wedding planner has been an honor for me.

In the first part of this #bereziwedding I explained how the welcome corner, the seating plan and the guest book was designed. In this second part I will show you the decoration I prepared in the banquet hall, the candy bar and the photocall; in which the same harmony of colors continues with the white and blue colors like the main ones.

The decoration at the banquet hall

Horma-Ondo’s banquet hall impresses when entering because of its height, the stone walls and the wooden beams. Ainhoa and Santi decided to appoint the tables with names of ships, the presidency was the Black Pearl, his friends’ table, Txuli I (their boat), El Barco de Chanquete, the Txinbito … no boat missed this wedding. I counted on a very special person for me for the table cards, Guadalupe Torre, who is studying Civil Engineering and has extraordinary hands for drawing. I asked her to draw with pencil each ship and the result was impressive, even the Flying Dutchman, a complex ship, was drawn to the millimeter.

Photography: Berezi Moments

Another sailor detail on the table were the individual tablecloths that wrapped napkins. This way continuity was given to the navy style and it was also very funny because after the banquet, many guests used these tablecloths as a bracelets.

Photography: Berezi Moments

The bride and the groom wanted to identify each guest at the table, which is a detail that speeds the time of sitting and something that guests thank, who does not like to see their name written in their seat? I already explained at the portfolio that Santi was one of the grooms I have seen most involved in a wedding and this #berezigroom prepared 110 sailor knots. So I did the calligraphy by hand and Santi brought me knots for the escort cards.

Ainhoa is nurse and as the two of them have a supportive heart, they wanted the favors to be a donation to UNICEF and the Spanish Association against Cancer. Sometimes it seems that these details at weddings are the typical ones you stored and do not use, so what a better idea than to give them to people who really need it!

In the Black Pearl, the presidency, I placed two signs identifying “Bride” and “Groom” with shells on the chairs. And in the tables were there were children, I prepared a special kit so that they were more distracted.

Oh! and I also had a surprise at the end of the banquet, Ainhoa and Santi gave me a mini Lorena doll with its desktop, laptop and everything needed for Berezi Moments to work. The gift also came with a dedication: “Some people seek a more beautiful world, others create it”. I could not help crying; being wedding planner is a very sacrificed and rewarding work at the same time, an emotional bond between the couple and you is created and there is no greater reward than seeing that all goes well, the bride and the groom are happy and have enjoyed together with the guests the whole wedding decoration.

Photography: Juan Cruz Hoces

In the restrooms there were different amenities for the pretty girls and handsome boys at the wedding.

The Candy Bar and the Photocall

The time to dance arrived and they placed the bar and music in the outside area, where they had served the welcome cocktail. So I put there the photocall and the candy bar.

In the sailored stripped photocall two gold letters with the initials of the couple standed out and a small table with props, frames for pictures and accessories to make it funnier, if possible. There were also two blue oars, which good friends of Santoña lent me.

And to finish this post in the sweetest way, the pictures of the candy bar in blue and white colors. The blue jelly beans and chocolate milk shakes conquered the little ones and the not so young. I ordered blue hazelnut macarons to Coolkies, which were delicious and made color contrast when placing them on a white shelf.

By the way, all the stationary I prepared for the wedding had the same style and font and in every corner I created a different phrase related to the sea: “Navega hacia tu sitio”, “Las olas del mar también traen cosas dulces”, “El rincón de Txuli I”, etc.

I remember you all pictures of this #bereziwedding are at the Portfolio and on my Instagram using the hashtag #BMAinhoaySanti.

What a pity to end the post, as I like a lot to remember this wedding! You will have seen that with details in the wedding décor, we achieve a nice wedding that speaks of the bride and groom, transmits and becomes a senses experience for the guests. If you want a #bereziwedding, I can help with decoration, coordination and organization and I will be very happy to accompany you on this trip. You can use the contact tab to talk to me and you can also find me in social networks: Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Google+ and Pinterest.

Photography: Sólo un instante

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