A weekend at Bodas de Cuento’s Cuentischool

Workshop Cuentischool Bodas de Cuento (14)
Workshop Cuentischool Bodas de Cuento (8)

The post I bring you today is one of the most personal I have written so far. I think it was the impetus Berezi Moments needed to leave the nest; those situations that make you have the necessary force to take the step. A year ago I was learning and absorbing the most of my experience at Bodas de Cuento’s Cuentischool; two days full of emotions and new sensations, both memorable and decisive in my future.

When the idea of being wedding planner started to hang around my head, I was working in a hotel in Bilbao organizing weddings, events and conventions. But I will tell other day why I decided to embark on this adventure; today I want to explain you what I felt in those 48 hours of magic and emotion at Bodas de Cuento’s Cuentischool.

For my training as wedding planner, I knew I wanted to have professionals and something told me since I met them and got their first email, it had to be them, I wanted to learn from Bodas de Cuento. So I grabbed the suitcase and went to Zaragoza with my dream, and some uncertainty too, willing to open my mind and get into the bridal world of the cuentis. Oh, and although the kitchen is not my strong point, but I do best with bakery, I prepared chocolate muffins for the cuentimeeting.

The workshop lasted two intense days from Saturday to Sunday, but on Friday, as the other colleagues and me were staying at the same hotel, we decided to go for a walk for dinner and by the way, everyone could tell each story and we could get to know in each other better. I remember when I walked out of the hotel, I just found some of my colleagues who had already arrived and only one look between them and me was needed to say both at once: “You are cuentistudents” hihihi it is so easy to recognize the face of dream and empathy you feel with people who are fighting for the same thing that you. By the way, I have to say that the Hotel Sauce, right next to the cuentiofi, follows the same philosophy of good vibes and positive energy that is perceived at the moment of checking in; it is one of those hotels that really makes you feel as if you were at home.

On Saturday we came all together to the Cuentischool, we arrived early and watched the clock forward to give 09: 00h to be able to come in. Well, what a moment! When Wendy and Jose opened the door for us with their biggest smile, it was like stepping into a magical world, from the lights on the ceiling, to the beautiful desk for students, the area of the coffee break and even the smell of Cuentischool that made you dreamt; everything was prepared with great care.

In every corner there was something to look at, memories of brides and grooms, wedding magazines and many motivational phrases. To sit and see a sign with your name, a green apple and a cup that invites you to fight for your dreams … it is not something typical of a workshop; to learn at Bodas de Cuento’s Cuentischool is a unique experience that has to be lived and felt. Stay hungry, stay foolish!

I could be talking for hours about how they surprised us, upon arrival, at the departure, all the details they had with us, laughs and confidences, good cries too, because there, every moment is lived with great emotion. Wendy and Jose offer us what they know in the most generous way; they are not only teachers, but they advise and motivate us. But if you are reading this because you are thinking of being a wedding planner, I will not lend to spoil the surprise. The experience at Cuentischool is something you have to live firsthand. By the way, I have now seen that the office has changed and I love the new more modern look it has, I would happily go there again.

But what I want to keep with me, in addition to the energy I had when I came back, is the compis I met during that weekend; we connect from the start and it seemed that we had been put there on purpose at all. Today, one year later, we are together and we help each other and asked for advice. Since I started working as a wedding planner, I have never felt lonely, perhaps I do not physically have a colleague next to my table, but personally I have these comrades, who not only advise and motivate me, but they are also great friends, people that they have crossed in my life to improve it. Here are my 11 big kisses to Alba (Lluvia de Arroz), Ana (Las Catalinas), Ángela (Ángela Cantero), Inma (Eventually&Chronicles), Katy (A primera vista), Laura (Oh là là love events) María (Meri La Casamentera), Marian (Marian Herrero Eventos), Pablo (Mister Wedding), Rocío (No es un día más) and Sara, thank you for being!

I remember the following days of the workshop ending, I had thousands of ideas in my head, desire and strength to move forward in my dream, being wedding planner. Thanks to my cuentiteachers, I took the boost I needed, they made me saw it was possible, but they were also realistic; the path is not easy, it is a distance race, but if you do not try it, you never know if you can achieve it.

This is your life. Do what you love. Live your dream.

Photography: Berezi Moments | Group picture and picture with Cuentiteachers: Marian Herrero

  • Marisa

    Que bonito recuerdo teneis de vuestros comienzos, que sigais siempre unidos.

    30/11/2015 at 19:16
  • Sara

    Hola Berezi.

    Me llamo Sara y tengo 25 años. Me encantaría dedicarme profesionalmente al mundo del wedding planner porque es algo que me apasiona realmente y aunque actualmente tengo trabajo necesito dedicarme a algo que me apasione realmente como es la organización de eventos y en especial la organización de bodas.

    Estoy mirando muchos cursos y formaciones que me permitan conseguir mi propósito, ¿Podrías recomendarme hacía donde tirar?¿que formación me sería realmente útil para iniciar mi proyecto? ¿el curso de Bodas de cuento me permitirá dar ese primer impulso?

    Un saludo y mil gracias de antemano.

    08/05/2017 at 09:49

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