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The return begins for many, to start over, to go on a diet, to pick up Christmas decorations; Christmas officially ended yesterday. So that the return is less hard, I have prepared a post that will make your eyes happy with all the beautiful things you will see: my visit to Slow Revolution by Federica & Co.

Since I discovered on Instagram the market prepared by the designer from Madrid, turning an abandoned garage into a peculiar Christmas market, I had a huge desire to meet it. It seemed it would be a different space, a Christmas store where 33 brands would gather to offer their products in the most truly New York style.

Federica Barbaranelli, the creator of this magical forest, defines the slow movement, which we have heard so much talk lately, so:

“Slow is a revolution, you see more when you take things slower, like you notice every little detail when a film is shown in slow motion. In a loud, crowded, crazy world, it’s good for the soul to live life better by living slower. Welcome to our slow living and magic world”.

The main feature of this movement is that the participants are craftsmen, they all create and make their products by hand, they are careful with the environment and each brand has its own trademark. Most of them have no physical store; they sell on line and take advantage of these markets to expose their know-how and spirit.

And that essence has been passed around every corner in this Christmas market, which has grown from a garage in the heart of Salamanca, to become a greenhouse with decoration stores, fashion and even an authentic Italian Trattoria. All decor in each room was carefully to detail and the papers by Laura Ashley decorating the walls of cement were simply beautiful.

As in other posts of groovy events I have visited (Love Lab Days in Asturias or El patio de las bodas in Bilbao), you’d better see it with your own eyes, so here’s a selection of pictures:

Silverware designed by Federica & Co

Slow Revolution is a place to see beautiful things and talk with entrepreneurs who love their work; as Blanca and Javier from Un bizcocho para Teo, who began making cakes for family and friends and ended up creating his own line of business: homemade cakes as grandma’s.

With so many nice things at sight, I could not help and bought myself a pair of earrings from Small Affaire and a golden ring of Living International. In addition, this last store had the detail of giving a bracelet handmade by children from Vietnam, the bracelet of the three wishes (when putting it you had to make a wish with each knot).

Wouldn’t you marry with this vintage dress of Coccole?
Italian Trattoria Ca’ Matteo

To go to Madrid is always good and I take the chance to meet with my beloved Pablo from Mister Wedding and share the experience together. It is a big luck to be surrounded by great colleagues, which are also friends.

As wedding planner, I love seeing these spaces where creativity, enthusiasm and good cheer abound on all four sides. Long live the Christmas stores and live Slow Revolution!

Oh! This trend is also reflected at weddings and Tendencias de Bodas explains it well in its latest magazine. Slowweddings are up, the conventions and formalities are over to make way for the weddings made from the heart.

And you, what do you think of the slow philosophy?

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Photography: Berezi Moments

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