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El Bereziequipo Berezi Moments wedding planner Bilbao
El Bereziequipo Berezi Moments wedding planner Bilbao
El Bereziequipo Berezi Moments wedding planner Bilbao

There is a person behind Berezi Moments, whose mission is to create unique and special moments. I am Lorena, the Dreams Manager at Berezi Moments. Although I was nearly Estefanía, Silvia or even Loreto, my parents finally decided on Lorena and the people closest to me call me Lore.

I was born in a village in the Cantabrian mountains in Northern Spain and when I was 4, my family and I moved to the Basque Country. I have lived in England, Norway, Paris, Barcelona and Bilbao, places that have been a constant source of inspiration and thanks to which I have experienced so many different things and influences. A few years ago I returned to Gallarta, a friendly mining town near the sea and where I currently live.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a witch, but a good one. Over the years, I have realized what I really wanted was to have those magical powers that make, in a snap of fingers; a moment becomes unique and special, berezi.


I like singing Happy Birthday in every possible version and language and I love helping people to blow out the candles on the cake, as I think celebrating another year older is synonymous with life regardless of how old you are.

Although cooking is not my strong point, I enjoy baking and chocolate would be on my list of things to take to a desert island.

I adore my family and friends and my life without them would be meaningless. Everything I am I owe to them and they always support and advise me on everything I do.

Dancing is not my thing and my body does not cooperate when it comes to coordinating my hands and feet. So, I prefer to run and cycle in the gym.

Even though they tell me I sing really badly – which I personally do not think is a big deal -, I enthusiastically sing along when listening to one of my favourite songs.

On the school bus, I always sat on the side with the odd numbers, but even so, and I do not know why, I prefer even numbers.









Dream chaser0

I am detail oriented, in love with simple and beautiful things, and I adore giving surprises because I enjoy seeing the enthusiasm on other people’s faces.

My smile is my hallmark and people tell me I remind them of Actimel, full of energy and vitality.

I always look for a spot on sidewalk cafés where I can feel the sun on my face. I am lucky to live near the sea and I can listen to the waves lapping when I need to think and relax.

I like discovering new places and am an adventurous traveller. This passion for travel was the reason I started to study Tourism and embark on a career in the world of hotels and events. Liberal arts have always attracted to me and I like learning languages and discovering new cultures. So, I also studied Translation and Interpretation.

I discovered my zest for weddings when I was working in hotels. After more than nine years organizing events, conferences, conventions, banquets and weddings, I finally took the step to embark on the adventure of creating Berezi Moments. That would be the opportunity to unleash my true vocation: being a Wedding Planner, organizing the weddings of couples who would join their lives together in front of their family and friends.

I have trained with the best and I have been lucky enough to have had the experience of being involved in decorating and coordinating some of their weddings. I am always on the lookout for eye-catching pictures on Instagram and Pinterest. I am always enthusiastic about taking courses and workshops to continue learning and improving in the Bridal World.

Weddings are my passion as you experience a host of unique sensations and emotions and following the journey of the engaged couple is one of the privileges of this job. You cannot but help create an emotional bond as you share the whole process with the couple, and this makes me enjoy every minute of my work. I cannot help it, I am passionate about weddings and I put all my love and energy into ensuring that the day will be unforgettable for the bride and the groom and their guests.

That is how I am, impatiently aware of new things and a dream chaser.

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