Luisa is 75 years old

I really wanted to show you this berezievent, the candy bar that I prepared for the birthday of a strong woman, a woman who has lived, who has fought, who has pulled back and created a great family. In today’s berezipost, the 75 years old of my grandma Luisa.

We celebrate big this day for several years ago and this year, more special if possible being 75 years old, we decided to spend one night away from home. We chose Hotel rural Molina de Luna in Soncillo (Burgos) because we found it an ideal solution for the number of people we were (over 20) and the environment made it even more idyllic, hidden among trees in the Merindades area. We only have words of thanks for Ive and Javi who showed from the beginning the same enthusiasm as us; they treated us with love and put all kind of facilities for the party.

One of the surprises for the honoree was the candy bar. The main colors chosen were green and gray; by the time it was, and December, I thought it would be very elegant and winter colors. In addition, the wall where the candy bar was placed was of stone and merged seamlessly with these colors.

All containers used to place the jelly beans were of my grandmother, dishes, plates, cups … We sometimes do not realize we have real treasures in our homes we can use in decorations.

I asked Cristina from Tarteka to prepare cake pops and some macarons in green tones to help to create harmony of colors along with other goodies.

The gray houses that I fell in love from Zara, the ones I already talked about them in My essentials to decorate Christmas, gave a cozy touch to the candy bar.

Being an evening event, garland lights, placed in the jug and green bottles, brought warmth to the table.

As wedding planner, I always explain to the couples how important is to personalize the decor and make “them” every corner. Here the photo stairway in black and white excited and surprised everyone. Another element that my grandmother used in her life also became a decorative motif: the recipient for milk, but this time with flowers.

Another corner decorated for the party, was the guest book; in such a special day there has to be some place to remember. Here I used her own elements such as a wooden suitcase, a radio or a grinder, all taken from the village.

On this party of the 75 the movie of her life did not miss, a video with images from her childhood to the present. It was curious and emotional for everyone to see how we change and how the family grows.

I hope you enjoyed the selection of photos. Oh! and if you need help for your wedding planning or decoration, you can find here.

If you want to see other candy bars as #berezi as this one, do not miss the post of Fall candy bar and the post of Navy Wedding.

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Photography: Berezi Moments

  • Monchi

    Lore,unas fotos muy bonitas y fiel reflejo de que todo lo que creas,organizas y preparas te queda precioso…Doy fe de ello…

    11/01/2016 at 23:04
  • Son unas fotos maravillosas, muy bien logradas y aun así no hacen justicia al Candy Bar que preparaste, (aquí la realidad superó con creces la belleza de las fotos) fue elegante y emotivo. Ver todos esos detalles en su conjunto hizo del salón un espacio mágico que hablaba por sí solo del amor y la admiración que sentís por doña Luisa.
    !!! Ole por tu trabajo de verdad que creas momentos!!!!

    22/02/2016 at 12:04

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