What does the job of a wedding planner consist on?

When few days in 2015 are left, some have gone somewhere in this little rest days, others prefer to stay at home and many have put their Christmas decorations at home. One of the things I have done in this pseudo bridge has been going to the cinema to see “8 apellidos catalanes”. And no, I will not speak in this post about how I found the film, if I liked it more or less than the first part… what has really pleased me is to see the figure of the wedding planner on it. This means it is getting more common and important to have a wedding planner in a wedding, no matter if it is Catalan, Basque or Andalusian.

Now it is hard to find someone who does not know my profession, before I remember when I was asked what I did, after saying I was wedding planner, I used to add an explanatory tagline “I organize weddings”. Anyway, it is true that many couples are not clear what a wedding planner exactly makes and how she works. So, in today’s post, I am going to explain what the job of a wedding planner is and how they can help the couple to prepare their big day.

I am getting married and now, what?

The time is here, your guy has asked for it, you have talked about it and you are willing to take the big step. I am getting married and now, what? What is the next thing I have to do? Should I seek first the place to marry or the date? When do I have to book the photographer? Those are endless questions that will be around your head and a wedding planner can help you channel your ideas and questions according to your needs.

Wedding planning

With the wedding planning, the wedding planner will guide you beginning to end, being by your side at all times. This does not mean not being able to delegate fully and take care of anything at the wedding; this means having a fellow traveler that will guide you and help you find the best professionals for your wedding. Today, we have so much information around, it seems very easy to get everything on the Internet, for example typing “wedding photographers in Bilbao” and all options will appear to choose. But finding what suits you is not so simple; a wedding planner will advise you considering the photography style you like, your budget. The wedding planner will provide filtered search and always trusted professionals that will not disappoint at the wedding. Following the example of the photographer, we have the banquet space, music, videographer and all providers participating in a wedding, which are not few.

Wedding décor

You have probably begun the invasion of bridal magazines, reading wedding blogs daily and you may know the last wedding trends. On many occasions you may have imagined yourself being the main character of the wedding, so if you love decoration at weddings, you look at the small details and you cannot avoid photographing every corner, a wedding planner will help you to design your dreamt wedding, to sort all the crazy ideas that walk through your head. The most important thing is that your wedding will be unique, therefore, the wedding planner makes a custom design based on your likes, hobbies … to get that wedding that reflects your personality.

Wedding coordination

When a few days are left to reach the altar, the feeling you should have is serenity and happiness, is one of the most important steps in your life. You want everything to go well, your guests to be mostly cared, that nothing unexpected or forgotten happens. For these reasons, to have a person you can trust will get rid of worries and will make you live more intensely the big day. With the wedding coordination, you do not have to be aware of nothing but enjoy, sounds good, right?

I could be writing for hours about what a wedding planner makes, but as it is said, an image is worth than 1,000 words, so I invite you to see a sample of my work in the Portfolio and in my Instagram. Although we could also meet and you could feel firsthand the enthusiasm I would live your wedding with. So, if you need help with your wedding planning, decoration or coordination, I would love to listen you; you can find me here.

If, however, you think I do not need your hand to a wedding planner, I wish you well in this way. Remember to be yourself and live it with emotion and intensity, because it will be a unique day.

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Slide 1 and 2 and Pic 3: Patricia with Love | Other pictures: Berezi Moments

  • pilar

    hola !!!! me parece todo muy interesante. Quizas la unica pega que le pongo es ….. por que seguir con lo de “wedding planner,” cuando tenemos una maravillosa traduccion al castellano que dice “organizador de bodas” ?
    quizas si hubieras dicho desde el principio eso, no hubieras tenido que explicar siempre lo de …. organizo bodas. No crees ?

    por favor, tenemos un idioma precioso y extenso. No lo menospreciemos.

    12/12/2015 at 09:41
  • Carmen

    Como todo en la vida, wedding planners puede haber muchas, pero el gusto, la sensibilidad y la ilusión que tú tienes no son tan fáciles de encontrar. He visto tus trabajos, muy pronto asistirè a una boda tuya y sé de sobra que todo será especial y único.

    15/12/2015 at 15:40

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