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Today is one of the sweetest days in my life, those moments you know will remain in your retina forever. I thought this day would never arrive, but I can finally pronounce loud and clear: Welcome to Berezi Moments’ Blog! Some months have passed over since I started my dream of being Wedding Planner and Berezi Moments was born. Meanwhile I have been shaping my project, working on my new orders and very immersed in the social media, while the web was being cooked. But today, October 14th 2015, it is the big day and I am happy to show you my web.

My Brand: Very Special Words

Many of you have probably wondered why my project is called “Berezi Moments” and why I have decided to use two languages, Basque and English, in my brand. In fact, both languages have helped me in my education since I was a child.

When I started studying Basque in school, “Berezi” was in the first positions of my Favourite Words List. It means “special, different”, something I have always tried to capture in the different projects I have been enlisted in. Apart from its meaning, I love the way it sounds: in Basque pronunciation “z” becomes “s” and when listening Beresi, I feel the sweetness and simplicity it evokes. I have actually had this word in my mind up to the point that if I had a child, I have always thought I would name her Berezi; although this has not happened yet, we could say Berezi Moments is some time ago as a daughter for me.

The soul mate of “Berezi” is Moments. Experiences, conversations, gazes, walks, travels… Moments containing a special charm I always try to put on my works.

This is how Berezi Moments was born, based on the idea of creating and designing unique and special moments.

Berezi Weddings

I want to help you to organize your wedding, from beginning to end, and from the moment you wish. I would like to be with you in that special day, in which nerves are on edge, and to design and decorate every corner of your celebration. If you want to know more, you can click on Services and I will tell you everything on detail.

Through my blog, I will show you all Berezi Weddings and Events, as well as the history that joins me to all the friends who have chosen to design their moments in a unique and special way. I always tell one of the privileges of being a Wedding Planner is the host of sensations and emotions created with the couples, and with the people I work everyday hand in hand. In fact, there is always a connection behind all these faces, between their history and the final result of the project.

Moreover, you will see everything that inspires me to design every berezimoment, and you will sometimes get to know my collaborators through interviews. I will also talk to you about other passions I have such as travels and gastronomy. But if you cannot wait to the next post, click on About Me to see a personal portrait that explains why me and why here and now.

With this bell ring (ding-dong) I open the first post of Berezi Moments; I hope you will like it and leave your comments: always be warmly welcome!

You can subscribe to the blog introducing your email address in the box you will see on the right side of the blog (just above IG pictures). Thus, you will weekly receive a berezipost full of ideas and hope.

Thousands of kisses!

  • Francisco Torres

    Hola Lorena. Me ha encantado tu presentación. Te deseo suerte en esta andadura que inicias. Auguro que sera un éxito. Eres tenaz, trabajadora y entusiasta y estos ingredientes conllevan muchas opciones de triunfos. Aunque cada día sale el sol, no siempre brilla para todos, habrá altos y bajos. No decaigas y lucha por tus objetivos. Suerte y ánimos. Un saludo.

    14/10/2015 at 20:28
    • Berezi Moments

      ¡¡Muchísimas gracias Francisco!! A mí me ha encantado y emocionado tu comentario. Me alegra que te haya gustado la web, además estas palabras tan especiales que me dedicas, viniendo de una persona como tú, que eres la voz de la experiencia, las guardo en el Cajón de los Consejos Valiosos. Soy consciente de que es una carrera de fondo, así que no perderé nunca mi ilusión y energía. Gracias de nuevo Francisco, ¡un abrazo!

      14/10/2015 at 21:07
  • Teresa Noriega

    Querida Lorena,
    Sabía que me iba a gustar tu nueva web, y que no me iba a sorprender, porque he tenido la suerte de trabajar contigo y sé lo profesional que eres, y lo especial que haces cada trabajo. Así que hoy cuando vi en facebook que estrenabas web, quise tomarme un momento para verla con calma y… efectivamente tiene tu sello! Sencilla, elegante, pero con mucha personalidad. Me encanta un detalle, y es que no será el típico blog de bodas, sino que hablarás de dos pasiones más que compartimos, viajes y gastronomía! Vamos, que para mí lo tiene todo!! Ya tienes una seguidora.
    Un abrazo “compi” y muuuuchos éxitos, te lo mereces!

    14/10/2015 at 22:57
  • Iratxe

    Loree!!!He vivido desde el minuto uno esta ilusión contigo y has reflejado muy bien las ganas que tienes de trabajar y de crear momentos especiales. Eres una persona muy valiente, luchadora y trabajadora y espero y deseo de todo corazón, que te vaya fenomenal y que yo lo vea día a día. Un besito grande!!!!

    15/10/2015 at 09:43

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