Colorful glassware for your wedding

Copas de colores blog Berezi Moments (2)
Copas de colores blog Berezi Moments (3)

We can say that we are already immersed in the routine, the 2016 comes full of good projects and purposes (you can see mines here) and it’s time to cheer up with nice views and inspirational ideas for the weddings that are on the way. As you know, one section of the blog is Berezi gets inspired, where I go into wedding trends and I tell you the most successful trends for weddings, what is in in the bridal market, which has been a success…

Today I bring you a post full of inspiration for decorating your wedding tables. In many cases, we do not repair something as basic as glassware or dishes; we think that it is a matter of the restaurant and we overlook this detail. Well, it is time to pay good attention to the table and in particular to the cups and glasses, as they will be the ones to bring color and freshness.

Had you ever stopped to think how a table décor can change if we put colorful glasses instead of transparent crystal glasses? If you want an original wedding and your guests to be surprised, dare to place colored glasses at the banquet; as they will provide a cheerful touch to the table while they also serve to achieve harmony with the colors of the wedding.

In some inspiration editorials I’ve prepared, I’ve chosen to include this trend, as in Tropical Love where the glasses were green and pink, or in the inspiration for Halloween. At My Christmas’ Table too, I decided to put a few glasses of water in blue tones. Just need to see the pictures to prove that harmonious effect of color is achieved at the table.

In case you are still no sure about it and so that you get caught by this daring trend that has stomped at weddings 2015 and will continue in 2016; I leave you this selection of images:

Green, blue, red, brown … there are endless choices. And you, would you dare to put colorful glasses in your wedding?

Oh! If you need help for your wedding décor, I’ll be happy to listen to you here.

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Pictures 3, 4, 5, 6 y 7: Berezi Moments | Slide I, Slide II and rest of images via Green Wedding Shoes

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