5 reasons to put large rectangular tables in your wedding

Today I bring you a bridal trend which has been stomping in the recent years at weddings and seems to continue to be a success in 2016: the large rectangular tables for the banquet. The classic round tables are changed for longer imperial tables, which remind us to the most authentic Italian Tuscany.

In fact, we cannot say it is a new practice, as if I remember the pictures of my parents’ wedding, 30 years ago; these tables were already used at the wedding receptions. It was back in 2000 when the round tables appeared to take rectangular tables out of weddings. But fashions are in constant change, everything is back and we recover what was once a hit, so we have them here again.

They are also known as imperial tables, which usually have a greater width. Anyway, board room tables are tables where guests sit face to face. It is more common to see them in outdoor banquets and more relaxed and informal weddings. They can be dressed with beautiful tablecloths or without them, my favorite is the wooden ones because they are very natural and create a unique atmosphere. The options are many and if you do not have it clear, here I leave you 5 reasons why you would want to have them in your wedding:

1. You do not have to loose time and your head in distributing your guests. Yes, you are leaving that task to the last moment, but you have to do it; thinking how to put them in the right tables so that they are all happy. With rectangular tables, say goodbye to the problem with these guests who stay hanging and you do not know where they fit or with your large table of friends that you cannot separate.

2. In terms of decoration, a rectangular table allows more variety and all the flowers, candles and other objects looks much better. We can make great paths of flowers, placing hanging elements … the options are unlimited.

3. With larger tables, we gain space at the site of the celebration because they fit more people in a smaller room. In some places, you have to play to fit round tables and to put long tables is a wise solution.

4. Rectangular tables are more socializing and ease conversations because being closer to the other or having them face to face, we listen better. But when we sit at round tables, they are so big that we must raise our voices enough so that we can listen to each other.

5. The banquet hall may be aesthetically more attractive and therefore, the photos of your guests at the tables, will be nicer. It is more complicated to take pictures to a group of people at round tables, unless you do move them.

But like all trends, rectangular tables have their detractors and defenders. You do not have to follow strictly what rocks; you can also combine rectangular tables with rounds. Moreover, it is your wedding, the important thing is that you enjoy preparing it and do things as you prefer, not as others dictate. Tell me, what do you think about these tables? Would you dare to put them in your wedding?

Oh! And if you need help to decide the type of table you want at your wedding, decoration … feel free to take a look at my services as a wedding planner; I would be happy to help you.

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  • Monchi

    Muy interesante como vuelven las tendencias ya utilizadas hace tiempo….En el momento del cambio parecian mas bonitos los salones con las mesas redondas….pero viendo las imagenes que has puesto …. las mesas alargadas o corridas quedan super bonitas….

    14/12/2015 at 22:49
  • Elena

    Me estoy volviendo loca buscando información sobre las mesas imperiales.
    Realmente a nosotros nos gustaría hacer una forma de U donde en una pata de esta U esté mi familia y a continuación mis amigos, en la otra parta, la familia de él y sus amigos. El problema es que tengo miedo que, sin colocar ningún indicador, queden huecos o “roben” sitios los amigos a la familia o viceversa.
    Creo que lo ideal sería dentro de la U diferenciar el espacio familia/amigos (aunque sea de seguido la mesa) pero no se que poner para hacerlo.
    Muchas gracias
    Muy buen Blog!

    30/06/2016 at 08:58
  • Miguel

    Eso no son mesas imperiales, son mesas rectangulares… una mesa imperial tiene los extremos redondeandos y suele usarse con presidencia francesa…

    29/01/2020 at 12:26

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