3, 2, 1… bye 2015

Tick tock tick tock, the clock at Puerta del Sol is ready to say goodbye to the year and I am also about to finalize it with this last post of 2015. Today I do not want to talk about trends in the bridal market, travels or berezibodas; today I will approach you my feelings about the meaning of 2015 for me, it will be a post full of thoughts.

If somebody had told me in January all things that would happen this year, I would not have believed it. I started it toasting with my family, betting on new projects and taking one of the most important decisions, which has completely turn my life, I decided to jump into the pool to get what I really wanted: to be a wedding planner.

2015 will always be the year that Berezi Moments was born, a year of change, dreams and hard work. I still remember when I started diving in the universe 2.0 and showed the beautiful logo designed by the great Project Party Studio. Or the day that the website finally saw the light and I started this bereziblog, with that welcome post.

I could not be happier discovering this world, meeting people and comrades who have become great friends and learning of them all every day. The Berezi community has been growing slowly and I can only give thanks to all the people who accompany me on this adventure, you who read me every week, you who follow my adventures in Instagram and you who listen to my proposals and get carried away by my madness.

My THANKS in uppercase letters go to all berezicouples that has trusted on me and do that every day grows more my enthusiasm and passion for this work. It is impossible to describe in words the emotion I feel when a couple decides I help them to prepare and decorate their big day. That connection that begins with a coffee becomes an emotional bond that makes everything flows, all weddings to be berezi. Thanks to my berezicouples 2015 for allowing me to live beside them their dreams. And you, dear berezibride 2016, I can only tell you that I’m looking forward to your wedding; I cannot wait to see you in that beautiful dress and to design every detail of your wedding. I am counting the days for your bereziwedding.

Nothing that has happened this year would have been possible without my family and friends, they are my engine and support and encourage me to keep going on: you are the energy I need, Berezi Moments roots.

I could write for hours about what I have lived during this 2015, but I do not want to get you bored with all the preparations that are waiting for you today, so I summarize it in 1 minute video. Oh! and you can also see the post 12 months, 12 pictures in which I remembered every month with a photo.

By the way, the chosen song for this video (I lived, One Republic) is not a coincidence, is inspiration for you to see 2016 with a smile and do not waste a minute of your day: live and take every chance life offers you.

I, I did it all 
I, I did it all
I owned every second
That this world could give
I saw so many places
And things that I did
Of every broken bone
I swear I lived 

And tonight, eat the grapes, ask for 12 wishes, 2016 awaits you with open arms to give you experiences, for you to discover every day the beauty of the little things, for you to relax and enjoy your family and friends. Meanwhile, I will continue telling my adventures through this #bereziblog.

Happy New 2016 berezifriends!

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Photography and video: Berezi Moments

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